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in Italy

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Travel planning is more complex than ever before and NiKi Tour Luxury is here to help you travel safe and outside the lines.

We can get you in places where nobody else can. Thanks to our special partnerships that we have built up over 20 years, Niki Tour Luxury have access to Italy’s most important museums, most breathtaking art collections, most exclusive villas and restaurants.

Create memories that become legacies

– Romantic Experience

Honeymoon in Sicily

A luxury honeymoon experience in Sicily, bespoke for you and your loved one

Love in Tuscany

Share a glass of the great Italian red wine with your soul mate.

Exclusive hotels

You can still work on your business while staying in the most exclusive hotels in Italy

VIP Transfer

We know that time is crucial in business as in life so we can help you to save it

Travelling doesn't mean always holidays and...
we know that

– Business Travel

There is no better way than sharing your time with your friends

– Group Travel

Galleon Experience

Yes you read it correctly, we can bring you and your friends to this breathtaking adventure

Rome City

Let us show you the hidden secrets of the Italian capital

Kind Words From Our Guests

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